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My practice explores a fascination with the land and sea and the energy created as they meet...

Portheras Seal Swim (2007)
Portheras Seal Swim (2007)

Basking Shark Swim (2007)
Basking Shark Swim (2007)


Since moving back to Cornwall in 2006, I have been working on oil paintings which for the most part are painted outside in all seasons. The painting work is about pinning a canvas down and recording the elemental dynamic.

They are made over a series of visits to specific places and then taken back to the studio to be tamed.

Each painting in my latest collection is a celebration of the landscape in West Cornwall. The work I hope gives an idea of the intense colour, light and energy which abounds in this part of the world which is intensely exciting in all weather conditions.

May 2013

Small lino cuts showing at the Julia Mills Gallery -Mousehole

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